Experience a Mindful Weekend in Zambales with Camp Coco Welllness Retreat

Take a journey to reflect, reconnect, and rediscover the wonders of ‘you’ as you begin a new year, a new decade. The Mindful Days Wellness Retreat takes you to a weekend getaway to disconnect from the everyday world and reconnect with the self – mind, body, heart, and spirit.

The weekend is a series of curated activities integrating psychology with meditation, mindfulness, movement, and fun. We’re taking you to the beautiful beach resort off the coast of San Narciso, Zambales at the Zambawood Boutique Resort on February 8 & 9, 2020, Saturday to Sunday.

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What to expect at the Mindful Days Wellness Retreat?

  • Creative and therapeutic activities for self-reflection: Looking back, Letting go, and Looking ahead using the Points of You* Coaching Game
  • Quiet Time with Walking Meditation
  • Sunset moving meditations, sunrise stretches, and a mindful morning practice
  • Activities on Finding Strength in Vulnerability
  • Out Among the Stars Gratitude Bonfire
  • Sunset Dinner Party
  • Individual Well-being Consultation (*optional/no additional charge)
  • Shopping for Local Souvenirs and Produce

Who is it for?

This is perfect for anyone looking to recharge and relax, those in a life transition (moving places, new life roles, relationship changes, dealing with any major changes affecting daily life), those looking for a digital detox, and just anyone looking to practice being and appreciating the “here and now”. No requirements and qualifications to join. All you need is an open mind and an open heart to let all the goodness flow.

Zambawood, Luxury Beach House for Rent in San Narciso, Zambales Zambawood Cafe Rachel Harrison Keith Harrison

Zambawood, Luxury Beach House for Rent in San Narciso, Zambales Zambawood Cafe Rachel Harrison Keith HarrisonThe Zambawood Villa

What else do get when you sign up?

When you register, you get a package all-inclusive of an overnight wellness retreat program, transportation, shared accommodation at Zambawood Boutique Resort, delicious healthy meals including afternoon snacks and dinner on Day 1 and a full hearty breakfast on Day 2, and a Mindful Days Starter Kit! The wellness retreat can only accommodate a maximum of 10 slots. It is recommended to secure your slot as early as possible.

About Camp Coco Wellness

Camp Coco is a wellness and lifestyle brand focused on well-being improvement programs and products. Their vision is to inspire individuals, groups, and communities to invest in mental wellness and live a mindful life. They offer specialty programs such as spartan adventures, workplace-themed adventures, wellness retreats, themed wellness classes for adolescents and adults. They also offer wellness consulting and program development for organizations and groups.

Nothing is fixed and exact in mental wellness so they customize our programs according to their client’s needs, goals, and preferences. They are a diverse group of adventure facilitators, psychologists, recovery coaches, mindfulness coaches and yoga instructors and wellness advocates. Their mission as a passionate and creative tribe is to come together to build a Collaborative Community for mental wellness, mindful lifestyle, and flow.

For more information, check them out through the links below.

Camp Coco Mindful Days Wellness Retreat

Email: campcocowellness@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/campcocoph
Instagram: @campcocoph

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