Exclusive Resort Supposedly Serves “Yaya Meals”

So, there’s such a thing as “yaya meals”?

Apparently so, according to former Miss World-Philippines and fashion designer Maggie Wilson-Consunji, who took to posting on her Facebook about an alleged incident in a high-end resort where she and her family were staying for the holy week.

According to a story posted on ABS-CBN News, Maggie’s son, Connor, along with his nanny and his grandmother, went to have breakfast, when the nanny ordered her meal, and Maggie’s mother wanted the same order, only to be rejected by a server, who said that it was a “yaya’s meal”.

On her Facebook page, Maggie posted the following:

Maggie Wilson Yaya meal 2


Maggie Wilson Yaya meal 1

After checking with the management, they confirmed that there is an off-menu option for “yaya’s meals”, but househelp generally were allowed to order whatever they want. “Yaya’s meals” were only an option in case their employers wanted more affordable rates for their helpers, according to the story.

Maggie Wilson Yaya meal 3

According to Maggie, she was appalled that there were people who didn’t want their “yayas” to eat whatever they wanted to, hence with the resort having to provide this option at the guests’ request.

The story posted on ABS-CBN news also further said that there are two types of “yaya meals” offered in the exclusive resort: one option that offered either chicken or pork adobo with rice, and an alternative package where once a “yaya room” is availed, an additional P200 fee entitles them to three meals in the employees’ cafeteria.

What do you think of the “yaya meals”? Have anything to add to this story?