EXCLUSIVE: Meet Nicole Caluag, The New Breed of Content Creator

The pandemic has been a “baby boom” of different content creators in different platforms. Since we are all staying at home, many of us had the time and freedom to create content that will not only entertain but also talk about social issues. One of the creators that we love on TikTok is Nicole Caluag.

@nicole.caluagGot so many request!! So here’s our second floor. ❤️ sorry gulo ng pag tour haha♬ original sound – Nicole Caluag

Nicole Caluag started creating content during the pandemic. She recalls that her sister insisted that she download the app so she can watch entertaining videos and maybe create content of her own.

@nicole.caluagReply to @gefigueroa_2 Ulam today!! ? dami nag ask if nag kakamay ako yes po! ???♬ original sound – Nicole Caluag

The 27-year-old Nicole recalled how fast her TikTok grew. “In just 5 months, I reached a million followers! It was amazing and of course, I’m very grateful! “, she excitedly shared.

When asked who are her favourite creators, she shared that she always loved Heart Evangelista and Bretman Rock. “I love ms. Heart Evangelista’s and Bretman Rock’s tiktok videos! Super entertaining! “, she added. She also shared that her dream collaboration is with Heart Evangelista and TikTok Superstar Bella Poarch.

@nicole.caluagTara swimming bago breakfast♬ original sound – Nicole Caluag

Though many of Nicole’s content goes viral, she shares that she shares simple events of her life. “I would often share my everyday life with my followers it can be as simple as what I eat since they usually request to see those things”, shared Nicole.

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Nicole Caluag for Brilliant Skin Essentials

When asked about her dream project, she shares that she wants to provide house and lot to 1 of her subscribers. “Oh I have plenty…  but one of my dreams is to reach 10 million subscribers on Youtube so that I could give a house and lot to 1 of my subscribers! I know its quite a long shot but hey, a girl can dream right? Let’s also manifest it!”, she shared.

Though Nicole’s TikTok grew rapidly during the pandemic, she shared that there are many things that she learned as a content creator. “This might sound a little cliché but just BE YOUR TRUE AND AUTHENTIC SELF. Everything else will follow. Be patient and just continue to do what you love. It doesn’t matter if no one watches you for as long as you enjoy what you do. And lastly, be consistent!”

Nicole is just one of our favorite creators on TikTok, share with us in the comments section on who you want us to feature next!

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