Our Excitement for ‘Wonder Woman’ is Unreal Right Now

As someone whose personal blog is lilmisswonderwoman.

com and whose Instagram handle is @lilmisswonderwoman, the excitement for the ‘Wonder Woman’ movie is totally unreal. I have always loved Wonder Woman because of her independence, her strength, her skills, and her ability to kick so much ass while looking fiercely amazing at the same time. Wonder Woman totally stole the show for me in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and when her standalone film was announced, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Now that the movie is finally nearing, my excitement is through the roof. It has surprised me, though, that the hype and the marketing for it hasn’t been as aggressive as it has been for former DC superhero movies. I thought that was just me, but a lot of people voiced the same opinions on the Internet last week. And then, lo and behold! New photos were released a few days ago and, of course, they look great!


Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

Wonder WomanAside from that, a new extended TV spot has also been released during an episode of ‘Gotham’, filled with action and flashbacks of Wonder Woman’s origins. Check it out here:

Are you as excited for this movie as I am? 🙂