“Excessive Animal Farting” Forces Airplane to Make Emergency Landing

Goat Fart Airplane

Let’s move away a bit from all the “Laglag-Bala” scam stories when it comes to passengers, airports, and airplanes.

Recently, reports from various sources say that a Singapore Airlines flight was diverted to Bali, Indonesia and was forced to take an emergency landing allegedly due to the excessive gas emitted by over 2,000 goats on-board.

The plane was en route from Adelaide to Kuala Lumpur.

Reports added that the excessive gas emitted by the goats caused the smoke alarms to set off. However, upon inspection, there was no evidence of fire or smoke on the plane.

After 2.5 hours of stop in Bali and proving that the aircraft was serviceable, the said flight re-departed and reached it destination 2 hours late than schedule.

Singapore Airlines mentioned that the claims regarding the excessive gas from the animals cannot be confirmed.

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