Evolving with the Huawei Nova: from the Nova 2i to the Nova 5t

I can’t believe I’ve been a Nova user for 3 yrs now. Time indeed flies super fast. I can still remember the day when I unboxed my 1st Huawei Nova, the Nova 2i in 2017. I became an instant Nova fan after that, even if I knew very little about the Nova during that time. Well, at first I did have my set of doubts… I thought it was just another forgettable midrange phone with cheaper specs to cater to the younger market and to those who don’t have the budget to buy a flagship phone. But as the days and weeks passed, I realized that my Nova 2i was actually damn impressive. It didn’t feel like a mid-range phone at all.

Unboxing my 1st Nova phone in 2017. The Huawei Nova 2i

I remember the Huawei Nova 2i was even hailed as the King of Midrange phones in 2017.  It was packed with four (4) cameras, a 5.9” Full View display, and long-lasting battery life for only Php 14,990. The Nova 2i was so popular and well-received by the public that it was sold-out just hours after it was launched.

1st mirror selfie with my Nova 2i

I love how the Nova 2i had all the essential specs I needed. A device that helps me take great photos (the Nova 2i has 4 cameras), big screen display, long-lasting battery life and with a price point that I can easily afford. I love the sense of freedom I feel whenever I took my Nova 2i with me on my adventures. I could carry it around without worries since I knew it didn’t cost over 20k. I truly had a lot of great adventures with my Nova 2i.

Capture, view, and share your life like no other with the Nova 2i.

Due to the massive success of the Nova 2i here in the country, in 2018, Huawei swiftly dominated the midrange market again with the phenomenal release of the Nova 3 series. It even set a record of 20,000 units (worth Php 320 million) sold only on its first day of availability.  This time, the Nova was packed with a 2.5 glass body design, a 6.3-inch Full View displayquadruple AI cameras that came with built-in AR Lens, a massive 128GB storage, and introduced the new color gradient, Iris Purple with a price of just PHP 15,990. 

My experience with the Nova 3i was even more interesting as it became even smarter with AI capabilities and came with eye-catching gradient colors like the Huawei P20 Pro which was also launched that same year. 

Nova 3i

I would have to say that I loved the Nova 3i a hundred times more because of 3 major things:

1. I really, really really adore the gradient colors. I felt it reflected who I am. It had so much personality and spunk.  I enjoyed showing-off my Nova 3i to everyone because it was such an eye candy. It looked premium yet playful.

1st mirror selfie with the Nova 3i

2. My photos also improved a lot too due to Nova 3i’s four AI cameras. Taking photos became more effortless since it could identify hundreds of subjects. All I needed to do was to simply point my camera to the subject and my Nova 3i  will do all the necessary adjustments to improve my photo given any scenario. Thanks to this awesome feature, my work as a blogger became easier as I spent less time editing.

3. I’m not really the type who’s fond of taking selfies but when I started using the Nova 3i, I noticed myself taking selfies more frequently. I dunno why, but I really think I look better whenever my selfies are taken using my Nova 3i.

1st selfie after unboxing the Nova 3i

And now it’s 2019… knowing Huawei for many years, I know they’re up to something big for the Nova this year. I remain to be this giddy kid eagerly awaiting for the birth of each Huawei phone. And as expected, it didn’t disappoint. Aside from introducing new flagship innovations for this year’s Nova 5T, it also came with a refreshed branding and logo – something that’s more fitting and relatable for the new generation of Nova fans.

Since the birth of the Nova, it has already attracted way over 100 million fans around the globe. And as the Nova brand continues to dominate the midrange market, Huawei re-invigorates the Nova brand with a new look and feel. Positioned as a flagship smartphone for the younger generation with innovation and trendy elements.

Defining the NOVA

The word “nova” in latin means “new star. The Huawei Nova brand is also derived from the word inNOVAtion, marking the nova series as a youthful, chic and innovative product line. It offers cutting-edge Huawei capabilities. Positioned as a flagship smartphone for the younger generation with innovation and trendy elements.

InNOVAtive – the Nova brand constantly brings fresh new inNOVAtions to young people.

Chic – the Nova is not just another piece of tech, it is chic and stylish in every way. It’s something you’d want to flex to friends. A certified trendsetter’s accessory to compliment their outfits and as an expression of their uniqueness and individuality.

Identified – the Nova user doesn’t aim to please all, but more of finding ones uniqueness in the sea of popular expression. It’s all about finding your place in the sun and being identified for your own distinct style.

2019: The NOVA  5T

The Nova proves itself as a flagship device for the younger generation through the use of stylish gradients, premium materials such as glass and metal, and ergonomic construction, every Nova phone exudes a trendy aesthetic bursting with color and personality.

The new Nova 5T comes in 3 alluring color options: The Midsummer Purple, Crush Blue and Black. I instantly fell in love with the Midsummer Purple color! The back surface has this 3D holographic effect. It looks so me! Can’t get my eyes off of it. It looks and feels so awesome to carry as it looks so eye-catching and fashionable like an accessory that you wanna show off to friends. It has a 6.26-inch Full view display, 2.5D curved screen w/ FHD+ 2340 x 1080 resolution at 412 ppi. I also noticed the side-mounted fingerprint sensor. It has 5 AI cameras too with ultra-wide shot and even a macro mode for upclose subjects. Aside from creating sharp vibrant still photos, I’m also so impressed with its video capabilities that I finally found interest in making more video content for my stories.

Not only that, the Nova is also loaded with high-speed Kirin processors and beefy graphics chips. Expect performance that’s always blazing fast, no matter the use case. 

I personally feel drawn to Nova’s fresh new look. Well, aside from the fact that I love the color purple, I just feel that the Nova is soooo me in many ways. You see, it’s not just about the shiny gradient colors, even the 4 new n,o,v,a elements says a lot too.

When I position my phone sideways, I could still easily read the word “nova” but when I turn it vertically, I’d see a monogram of 2 little persons sitting side by side. The person on the left seems to stretch out his hands as if hugging the person on the right. As a consumer, I see it as a gesture of enthusiasm, vitality and freedom. While the person on the right sits calmly, happy and self-assured. Like a symbolism of satisfaction and confidence. Seeing both of them gives me a sense of joy, adventure and an endless pursuit of artistic expression.

As a consumer and as a member of the young population, the NOVA is something that perfectly reflects who I choose to be. I’m thankful that I live in a generation that is more open and expressive as opposed to the rigid traditional ways observed in past generations. This digital age has clearly contributed a virtually unlimited palette of self-expression for everyone who dare to be themselves. As the years go by, we become more and more self-aware, expressive, seek meaningful connections, value substance and are more socially conscious. As one of today’s leading tech brands, Huawei aims to empower us and innovate further through the Nova banner.

Looking at the evolution of the Nova from 2i to 5T in a span of only 3 years, I couldn’t help but remember all my adventures and experiences with each Nova device. I feel like I’m also seeing myself and how I have evolved. Leaping year after year through the bold choices I make. Keeping myself creative as ever, always choosing to be better, wiser and thinking ahead. And as I go on with my journey, it’s just so wonderful to have a device that reflects who I am and at the same time, assists me along the way.

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