Everything You Need to Know About Monster Jam in Manila

Monster Jam Holds First Monster Truck Show in the Philippines! (1)

When it comes to motorsport competitions, nothing can get bigger and livelier than Monster Jam. Witness four-meter tall, five-ton monster trucks wreak havoc in the special race track set up only for them. Monster Jam trucks will face off in two major competitions. The first one is the traditional bracket racing. The first truck to cross the finish line will be declared the winner, but it won’t be as easy. The race track is planted with metal boulders, crash vans and more. The second competition gives the drivers and their monster trucks a chance to show-off their astonishing stunts, twists and jumps in the freestyle competition. No other competition will have your heart pumping as hard. These monster superstars are out to give their fans a show they won’t forget.

It truly brings sports, entertainment, showmanship and the ultimate fan experience in one action-packed show. They give more than 350 performances each year all over the globe, filling stadiums and arenas with excited fans. Join in with the madness as they come to Manila for the first time. Six of the best Monster Jam trucks will hit the race tracks from June 20 to 21. See Grave Digger, Max-D, El Toro Loco, Zombie, Dragon and Son-Uva Digger perform absurd cyclones, donuts and flips. Each monster truck will not go down without a fight, so this will surely be a dynamic run. All of them are set to win in the first ever Monster Jam show in Manila. Collectively, they will blaze through the tracks at the MOA Arena for a surely frenzied show.

To give you an idea of how dirt track construction professionals will convert the MOA Arena to a Monster Jam track, here’s the typical arena track build by the numbers:

  • 25,000sq. feet of plastic and 1000 sheets of plywood
  • 1,000 tons of dirt / 80 trucks loads
  • 500 number of hours to build and remove track from beginning to end
  • 400 gallons of fuel to fuel the machinery
  • 660 feet of banners to dress the track
  • 200 man hours to install and remove the plastic and plywood field cover
  • 96 – 100 hours for the entire construction cycle from arena to racetrack and back to arena.
  • 30 gallons of paint to paint obstacles and track
  • 20 dump trucks used
  • 10 crush cars
  • 10 – 12 pieces of heavy machinery depending on venue
  • 18 hours to paint logos and designs on track and obstacles (same when multiple shows are factored in)
  • 5 – 6 Dirt Crew members
  • 4 – 6 dumpsters used as safety barriers

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