Everything at STEAK (best affordable steak house in Manila)



Here’s how business works for restaurants. You serve GOOD quality food so you have to charge high EXPENSIVE prices. On the other hand, you can serve CRAPPY food and thus, can also have very CHEAP prices.






That’s easily understandable right? Simple logic and economics. Well, the problem is that this new place I found “done F*ed up” this simple principle we all live by. See at “Everything at STEAK” they serve GOOD food at VERY VERY AFFORDABLE prices!




So I heard about this place from friends at Luna RestoBar. I loved the food there at Luna and I was told that it’s the same chef that came up with the menu for Everything at STEAK. So naturally I had to check it out.


It’s a very nice little place, emphasis on little. It seemed like there were barely 20 seats in there. There was probably more, but I can imagine this place filling up quick once word gets out on how awesome it is!



The first thing you’ll notice when you get the menu is how low the prices are! I’m pretty sure almost everything in there was below P200 ($4 – $5 US Dollars).  I know that doesn’t sound too special, unique or anything, until you remember that this is a STEAK house! So T-bones, Rib Eyes, New York Strips and all other steaks and yummy stuff were mostly under P200! Even better, each order of steak already comes with rice, gravy and a HUGE side order of your choice (and I really mean a HUGE side order, not those crappy little kids meal portions at other places).


There was, what seemed like, infinite choices for the side dishes, but I finally buckled down and chose the Mac N Cheese, while Ms. FlairCandy chose the Meatball Pasta (yes, a HUGE bowl of mac n cheese or meatball pasta was an option for a side dish). But really, don’t take my word for it, check the pictures or come here yourself. Oh and also, I have pictures of the menu below so you can also see the “infinite” choices for your side dish that I was talking about.


Anyway, the food came, and given the relatively low price, I wasn’t expecting much. But again, this place totally surprised me with AMAZING flavor to the food. Everything at STEAK is one of the very few places in the world that did not sacrifice quality for affordability.


We ordered the “Moo Fries,” which are homestyle fries drenched with melted cheese, meat, tomato sauce, spicy yogurt dressing and chives. For only P120 I might add!!! ($2 – 3 US Dollars)




Along with that we got the “Country Squash Soup” along with our main dishes of Rib Eye Steaks with the HUGE side dishes. The steaks were very tender and juicy. While the side dishes were very tasty and flavorful.


I totally recommend the Moo Fries and the Country Squash Soup. And double recommend the Moo Fries coz those fries we some of the best fries I’ve ever tasted! Dare I compare them to In N’ Out fries… well…. they were that good but in a different way.


So yeah, all that food filled us up which was a shame since I wanted to try their dessert. The menu only has one dessert listed, “Mom’s Homemade Apple Crumble” which pretty much sounded like heaven! I thought it was pretty cool how the entire back page of the menu was dedicated to this one dessert with a huge picture of it (pic below). Unfortunately, I was just too full. Though on the brighter side, I know I’ll be coming back here a lot more!


You definitely get your value for your money here!




When In Manila, when everything’s at stake, get yourself some quality GOOD steak at very AFFORDABLE prices at “Everything at STEAK.” You’ll be sure to impress the date while saving yourself a lot of money.Do try the Moo Fries while you’re there. Easily one of my new favorite places. They’ve gotten themselves a new regular steak loving customer!


Name of venue: Everything at STEAK

Address: 5 P. Guevarra St. (corner V. Cruz ),  San Juan, Philippines (right next to the Petron gas station)

Phone Number: (63 2) 726-2386

Facebook Page: Everything at STEAK Facebook

Price Range: Affordable

Cuisine: Steaks



Everything at STEAK (best affordable steak house in Manila)



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