Everyone is Gushing About Henry Cavill… Here’s Why.

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Being one of the franchise actors for DC, Henry Cavill is no stranger to big roles. Best known for his performance as Superman in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, and Justice League; he is also well-acquainted with the espionage role as shown in his performance in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. With this, Henry Cavill once again sets his superhero suit aside as he takes on the face of Agent Walker in Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

Over the course of time, Henry Cavill has been associated with the image of strength, power, and punching people through walls. Well, not being in a superhero movie may have stripped him of his laser eyes, super speed, and bullet-proof skin; but it definitely looks like there’s some leftover superhero strength as he punches people through walls, tiles, mirrors – you name it!

MI6 Henry Cavill

One of the characteristics that make him who he is would be his Grecian body: broad shoulders, big chest, solid abs, and a strong back. Pair that with a chiseled jawline and you’ve got yourself a dangerously attractive alpha male that anyone would dream of. In Mission: Impossible, however, he strays away from the usual skin-tight suit and bare chest. Instead, he adopts a more dapper look with the occasional “working suit”. Wipe those tears away! He looks just as good with proper clothing as he does without a shirt on.

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His performance in the movie is nothing short of super. His influence and impact whenever he is on screen are immense. He is an integral part of the movie and is able to deliver everything perfectly. He brings intensity, emotion, and depth to the movie, allowing other characters to flourish in their own respective ways. With the cast of the Mission: Impossible franchise strongly cemented, it is definitely a difficult task to join and flow with everyone. Henry Cavill definitely stepps up to the plate and he delivers!

Spoiler-Free Review

Mission: Impossible- Fallout is spectacular in every way. Being the sixth installment in a long-running franchise poses a difficult task of achieve something that the other installments haven’t and it did just that. In one word, the movie can be described as “complete”.

It has everything that you would expect a Mission: Impossible movie to have and so much more. It is packed with action scenes that do not rely on jump cuts, but rather on used brilliant choreography that makes the action scenes as realistic as they can be.

The already established and well-known cast has the major addition of Henry Cavill, which enhances the movie as a whole. Ghosts from the past tugg at Mission: Impossible fans’ heartstrings and bits of comedy provide comedic relief as needed. However, what really brings the show is its brilliance and well-thought-of twists and turns. Just when you think you’ve caught up to the story, it hits you with another unexpected curve. There’s only so much a spoiler-free review can give. Go check it out for yourself and be amazed!