Cursed with a black thumb? These Everblooms will last you a long time

From Holland to the Philippines, with love

With a little over half a month in quarantine (yes, we’ve been counting), a lot of us have found ways to personalize our spaces. For plant lovers or even those lucky enough to be gifted with a green thumb, a lot of them have been busy turning their rooms into a greenhouse. Or even a forest. And to be honest, I get jealous when I see the photos. Plants, after all, add a pop of color and liven up the place. Plus, they make great accents and props for photos, too!

But on another end of the spectrum, if you’ve got a black thumb and have killed one too many plants just like me, well, say hello to preserved flowers!

The beauty of preserved flowers is that they’re real, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. Frozen in time with their colors intact, these dried flowers are a ghost of their flourishing past. But even so, they look and smell just as lovely. Best of all, they don’t come with the commitment of watering and fertilizing them. Just some gentle wiping to remove dirt and dust, and you’re good to go.

For preserved flower arrangements, look no further. Everblooms is an online flower boutique that brings in flowers from Holland to the Philippines. And currently, they’ve got over 15 types of rare and premium dried flowers that you can choose from. Originally a passion project turned business, Everblooms is owned and founded by Celine Barreiro.

Left photo by Everblooms, Right photo by Diane Go

Left photo by Everblooms, Right photo by Diane Go

A plantita by heart, Barreiro prides herself in curating premium flowers and plants, which she puts together to form lovely arrangements. And yes, these come with vases, too! These make perfect gifts, and you can even buy them for yourself to spruce up your home.

Everbloom’s Collections

With a little over a month in the business, Everblooms currently has 3 collections under its belt. The first one is the Lush Collection, a thriving lively arrangement inspired by the great outdoors. Next, the Rustic Collection features simple, natural, and earthy arrangements.

Photo from Everblooms

Photo from Everblooms

The newest collection is the Nordic one, which is inspired by modern Scandinavian design. Minimalist and simplistic in nature, this collection features imported dried flowers — set in ceramic vases that are painted in a matte finish.

Photo from Everblooms

Photo from Everblooms

Beyond appearances, Everbloom’s arrangements can be both fragrant and therapeutic, too. According to Barreiro, many customers have requested for eucalyptus and lavender to be added in their arrangements. Eucalyptus is a fan favorite because it is a natural decongestant, while lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and aids in sleep.

Photo from Everblooms

Photo from Everblooms

Barreiro adds that compared to flowers sourced from China, you can really see the difference in color, length, and textures, especially for lavender and eucalyptus. This is what sets Everblooms apart from other brands. The fragrance is long-lasting and stays even when dry. Plus, the potent and relaxing fragrance from their flowers gives people peace and relaxation, which is just what we all need during these times.

My Everbloom Collection

Although Everblooms offers set arrangements of its own, customers have the freedom to order one or several bundles, which they can arrange by themselves. And yes, most of them come with existing vases. That’s because Barreiro believes that arranging flowers can be very therapeutic, and a creative outlet for people. Thus, she lets you personalize your very own arrangement — one that will make you happy.

She graciously gifted me two arrangements, which I will definitely be using more in my future photos (while they’re not displayed in my room). Each one is designed differently and features bright colors and lively blooms.

The first one is a spin-off from the Rustic Collection — an elegant arrangement set in an amber bottle. The arrangement includes imported Gypsophilia, Misty, Phalaris, and my personal favorite: Holland Lavender.

On the other hand, the second arrangement is a unique, custom-made one that features a bright orange tall vase with Misty, white Phalaris, and yellow Craspedia. And I’m in love with both already!

How to Order

To get your very own arrangement, be it a pre-made or custom-made one, you can reach out to Everblooms via Instagram. Prices may vary, depending on the plants and flowers that come with your arrangement, but rates generally start from PHP 700 to PHP 1,500, and up. Everblooms accepts orders until Mondays, and schedules deliveries on Sundays, so make sure to order ahead of time for that special someone!

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