Event Design Workshop Sets Out to Help Tackle Challenges in the Events Industry

#EventCanvas– a strategic roadmap used by event thought leaders across the globe



For many individuals in the event and design industry, the creation and brainstorming to create a perfect event is one of the many challenges they have to face every day. Brought about by complicated processes that require collaboration for multiple teams, events creation is a strenuous event in itself. Enter Event Design Level 1 & 2–a workshop that aims to push a new and innovative approach to build events by training creators to use the new methodology #EventCanvas in their planning.

The Event Design workshop helps you tackle a core challenge of every organization – creating compelling events that participants want to attend and that create valued behavior change for stakeholders by using a strategic event management tool called the Event Canvas.This helps event planners develop customer-centric events that focus on creating value for all stakeholders. Its approach supports a collaborative working method for more creativity and ROI.

  • Allow teams to visually articulate the value of events
  • Create a collaborative effort from stakeholders to get the job done
  • Outline costs and expected revenues relative to the customer journey
  • Reduce risk and increase team performance
  • Provide a common language to align team strategy

The Event Canvas is the first of its kind—a visual tool to describe, prototype, and document tradeshows, conferences or events. Apply a 10-step methodology to identify potential trade-offs, address pains, maximize gains, and allocate resources using visual thinking techniques:

  • Empathy Mapping (xplane)
  • Value Proposition Canvas (Osterwalder)
  • Event ROI Methodology (Phillips ROI Methodology)
  • Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder)
  • Service Design Canvas (Stickdorn& Schneider)
  • Instructional Design Model (Dick & Carey)

Take this opportunity to learn from the Co-Creator of #EventCanvas and Co-Author of Event Design Handbook, Mr. Ruud Janssen, DES, CMM. This Switzerland-based entrepreneur has been an innovator and practitioner of Marketing in the Hospitality and Meetings & Events Industry since 1994. He served as President for MPI, Meeting Professional International in the Netherlands and Director on the International Board of Directors of MPI International.

This is your first step towards becoming a Certified Event Designer (offered at San Diego University) and attain Level 1 Certificate of Participation along with 8 Continuing Education clock hours in domain 7: Meeting & Event Design as defined by the Convention Industry Council CIC.

Join us on April 27-28, 2017 at TrestonInternational College for two days of intensive and interactive learning.It aims to teach event owners and practitioners, advertising mavens, marketing professionals, creative teams, entrepreneurs, game-changers, visionaries and other learning enthusiasts to take part in using the new design process. With #EventCanvas’ methodology, you will be taught to make use of a hands-on approach to understanding, articulating and delivering events that matter.This visual tool gives a scientific and systematic approach to the complex and dynamic world of event management.

Be among an international community of event practitioners who are already utilizing the #EventCanvas. Want to know more about them? Go to www.eventmodelgeneration.com and find out some of the who’s who in the event industry.

Interested attendees may now visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/event-design-level-1-2-training-tickets-33036236272?aff=erelexpmltto register for the event or call (02) 734-4668/ 655-7132 or email at marketing@nextstepevents.com for more details.