Event Canvas: Promoting a Creative and Playful Landscape to Produce Events that Matter

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#EventCanvas– a strategic roadmap used by event thought leaders across the globe



It was a dynamic 2-day workshop in a playful environment last April 27-28 at Treston International College as Ruud Janssen, co-founder of Event Model Generation, flew in from Switzerland to share the latest tool for the event industry called Event Canvas.

Aptly comparing it to the sheet music of an orchestra, the Event Canvas is a strategic template that allows event practitioners to provide a common language in articulating the value of an event. This is brought about by the complicated event processes that require a collaborative effort from multiple teams. The Event Canvas is the first of its kind—a visual tool to describe, prototype, and document tradeshows, conferences or events. It’s a 10-step methodology to identify potential trade-offs, address pains, maximize gains, and allocate resources using visual thinking techniques

The Event Design workshop helps you tackle a core challenge of every organization – creating compelling events that participants want to attend and that create valued behavior change for stakeholders by using a strategic event management tool called the Event Canvas.This helps event planners develop customer-centric events that focus on creating value for all stakeholders. Its approach supports a collaborative working method for more creativity and ROI.

Attendees were taken in for a ride as they worked in groups to create these visual maps. It was not your usual roll-up-your-sleeves type of workshop as attendees were asked to play and think like kids. This opened for a creative and free-wheeling discussion. Teams were encouraged to work in a highly collaborative environment. The Event Canvas is the perfect tool for event teams to promote teamwork and collaboration. Its systematic and scientific process, coupled with time elements, ensured that everyone shares his thoughts and inputs for the project at hand.

Event Design Level 1 & 2 was produced and organized by LEADimpact Asia Training & Consultancy, a subsidiary, and marketing arm of The NextStepEvents, Inc.LEADimpact Asia Training & Consultancy strongly advocates for the growth and development of the professional industry in the Philippines by offering learning opportunities in partnership with industry experts from the international and local arena.

You may visit their website: www.leadimpact.asia to know more about their services or call their office at 734-4668 / 655-7132.

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