Eruption Reflects on Getting First Solo Billboard: “I Lived Out of a Suitcase for 5 Years”

Eric “Eruption” Tai recently made headlines after his interview with Julius Babao, where he revealed why he left “It’s Showtime”. Despite the circumstances, he remained grateful to the program’s creators for jumpstarting his career. Celebrating a new milestone, he reminisced about his humble beginnings, reflecting on having his first solo billboard.

Apparently, Eruption used to live out of a suitcase for five years. “I didn’t own anything but a phone, some clothes, and two pairs of shoes. I almost got evicted because I couldn’t pay the electricity bill. I would sleep at an internet cafe coz I had no other place to stay and because of my addiction to DOTA,” he revealed in a social media post.

He tried his luck in “over a thousand auditions” and finally, he was able to land an endorsement that would feature him on a billboard. Eruption wrote, “after 15 YEARS, I now have MY OWN FIRST EVER SOLO BILLBOARD which stands at over 120 feet on one the busiest and biggest express highways in the Philippines, SLEX (Mamplasan, northbound).”

Of course, the buff gamer/TikToker thanked the food supplement brand for the opportunity, before sending an inspiring message to his followers. “So if and when you see this billboard sometime soon, please do remind yourself that dreams can come true and that anything is possible. It may not happen now or even in a few months or even years. Just keep working hard in refining your skills and talents in order for you to achieve them. And don’t stop believing in yourself. Kayang kaya yan,” he said. “In God’s timing. Just be prepared. Trust the process.”

In another recent post, Tai flexed his Silver YouTube Play Button award which marks his achievement of having over 100,000 subscribers. “Nothing is impossible and anything is achievable when you have family and God in the midst,” he captioned.

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