Erik Matti is Directing an Episode for HBO Series ‘Food Lore’

Erik Matti, acclaimed director of Honor Thy Father and BuyBust, will be collaborating with HBO Asia for food anthology series Food Lore.

Food Lore follows the same pattern as showrunner and Singaporean filmmaker Eric Khoo’s earlier work with HBO Asia, Folklore, which talks about the different myths and superstitions found around specific countries in Asia. Food Lore will be focusing on Asian cuisine now and the narratives inspired by it, “weaving tales of the tastes and aromas that have filled the Asian souls,” according to an official press release.

Erik Matti


Matti had been recruited by Khoo to direct one episode in the 8-part series which Khoo says will be “a very emotional episode.” Khoo has been a fan of Matti’s work since watching On The Job years ago and, most recently, BuyBust which he says Matti took to another level. He believes Matti would be a great fit for this food series and affirmed it during an interview with Inquirer at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Although he didn’t give any hint to what Matti’s episode will be about, Khoo said, “In terms of tone, it’s very real. It definitely is something important to discuss.”

Food Lore will be aired this November 2019.

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