Epilogue: A Gastronomic Adventure Around the World

Do you love traveling around the world in search of good food? Or do you perhaps just love trying out adventurous cuisines from all over the world? Fret no more because Epilogue can bring the world to you through their world-class dishes – and at very reasonable prices, to boot!

Situated in S Maison, Epilogue is your newest go-to fine dine bistro for all occasions. Stepping inside this spacious restaurant, you will be greeted by an hotel-esque interior and vibrant bar that will lure you into having a sumptuous meal inside. What I like the most about this restaurant is its classy yet homey interior design. You will easily feel at ease on their couches and with their comfortable table setups.

According to Ms. Alyanna Uy, President of Epilogue, the restaurant is named after the final part of a book because they showcase the best of each of their chef’s culinary journeys. Epilogue’s Executive Chef Hiroyuki Meno and Executive Baker Tomohide Ono are both well-traveled and exposed to different cultures all over the world, having spent years mastering each of their culinary specialties.

They are both Japanese chefs who practice ‘Kodawari’, a Japanese practice in being dedicated to one’s craft. Each and every dish they serve and bake are made as fresh as possible. Ms. Alyanna even told us that Chef Meno himself went all around Metro Manila to look for ingredients that he could use for his menu, as well as study Filipino culture to incorporate into his dishes.

Apart from Epilogue’s a la carte menu, Chef Meno has also prepared a 4-course set menu available daily for those who want to experience a bit of variety. What’s even more special is a limited, by-reservation-only Degustation Menu comprising of dishes off the menu made by Chef Meno himself. Chef Meno is the most well-traveled among all their chefs. He is an expert in French cuisine and has worked at various Michelin-starred restaurants.

The menu he makes consists of a different number of courses depending on your budget. Here is a rundown of the 7-course menu we got to try:


The first dish that was served to us was the Caprese. It is made with Mozzarella Buffalo, Stuffed Tomato and Pineapple Sorbet, Tomato Clear Jelly, and Basil Pesto. This was the perfect dish to start our meal with. At first, I thought it would be a hot type of soup. However, I was completely shocked by the coldness and the burst of flavor of it.


For the second dish, we got to try a dish that is simply called the “Egg”. Don’t get fooled by its simple name, though. This Hot Cold Soft-Boiled Egg involves King Crab meat, Maple Cream Chanty, and Brioche. This really caught me off-guard. Looking at it, I expected a little salty traditional egg dish. Upon dipping the Brioche in the egg, though, I tasted a hint of creamy sweetness – a perfect soft and creamy texture with a balance of salt as you go deeper into the dish.

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