Entrep Champ Paulo Tibig’s Big Boss Summit feat. our Esteemed Entrepreneurs: Chinkee Tan, Boris Joaquin, Randell Tiongson, Ardy Roberto, RJ Ledesma etc.


Straight sessions were reserved for the Entrep Champ to discuss all remaining strategies. The 10 strategies of champion entrepreneurs were namely…


1. Crisis turned into cash

2. Dare to be different

3. Dip your hand

4. Benchmark and hit the mark

5. Innovate the plate

6. Maximize technology

7. Expand on surplus

8. Collaborate and Cooperate

9. Lifestyle check

10. Share the pie


I won’t open all details, as you need to get the book to fully understand the strategies. Smile. But seriously, I thought I won’t learn anything new since I have read Paulo’s book from cover to cover. But I was in for great awakening. He discussed the 10 strategies as if it were new, it is as if the words that I’ve read came to life. It’s awesome indeed. He stressed that in order to win in business we need to have strategies like the sports icons or those business heroes we had. Being a champion entrepreneur is not just a gut feeling, ‘bahala na si batman or robin‘, or ‘nasaan na ang bato Ding slash Darna’. Well, that was funny but true.








On the side, it’s awesome to talk to Miriam Quiambao and Marvin Germo too. More than a beauty queen, Miriam is a savvy business woman. She now do speaks on corporate or even church events, and doing business on real estate development. She has a great life testimony, a very encouraging and approachable person to talk to. Hope to her more from her, soon. 


 On another note, Marvin Germo, oh well what should I say about the Mr. StockSmart? Marvin is cool and really knew what’s he’s talking about regarding stocks, stock market and trading. Marvin has this cool aura of humility and approachability. Also, Marvin smiles a lot as always. Can’t wait for him to give me his book, for a review. Nice guy!

Wait, wait, wait… Tin-Tin Babao is also here. Nice meeting you TIn. Sometimes, glancing your show at TV5. It’s very helpful, entrepreneurial. :))







When in Manila, clap clap clap. Congratulations to whiteboard and the team of entrep’ champ. What more should I say, it is a great success. See you next year. Or how I wish, we can do this summit 4 times or more often in a year. It’s like learning in the trenches, learning the best-practices. It’s more than educational, it’s all practical. Highly recommended to devour all the books of the speakers and panelist. Btw, get a copy and read the book Strategies of a Champion Entrepreneur from cover to cover… it’s Entre’ 101. Seriously!











*Compiled Photos. Credits to: Paul Mendoza, Joseph Enriquez, RJ Garcia, Paulo Tibig and some photos are mine. Thanks! 





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Entrep’ Champ Paulo Tibig’s Big Boss Summit plus our Esteemed Entrepreneurs: Chinkee Tan, Boris Joaquin, Randell Tiongson, Ardy Roberto, RJ Ledesma etc.



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