Entrep Champ Paulo Tibig’s Big Boss Summit feat. our Esteemed Entrepreneurs: Chinkee Tan, Boris Joaquin, Randell Tiongson, Ardy Roberto, RJ Ledesma etc.






Besides Paulo Tibig, two well accomplished speakers also lights up the stage. Its Chinkee Tan and Boris Joaquin. Chinkee or more known as Chink+ Positive gave an engaging and funny talk on lifestyle and how to be truly successful. He touched and focus more on our view of success, delayed gratification, how to get out from debt or simply how to control our buying impulse. Chinkee has so many jokes or ‘banat lines’ that can make you laugh in common sense! Let’s just call it ‘intellegent jokes’ that knocked some sense out of you!


Before buying, Chinkee lectured to ask yourself first this 3 questions:

1. Is it a want or a need?
2. Can you afford it or not? Will you buy in cash or credit?
3. Was does God has to say about it?





Boris Juaquin is not sick, he is here. Despite of not feeling 100% well, Boris managed to graced the summit. He talked about Co-opportunity. Boris discussed on the lines of how we should collaborate and cooperate towards success. I like it when Boris elaborate on the different types of partners. He said that partners could come in different hats, they could be ‘investors, innovators, connectors or sales people’. Boris stressed that business is not solely about profit but also about people and purpose. He introduce RJ Gracia, the AppleBoy. RJ is doing this Appledrive (giving apples to kids) and BAGS943 (you can buy 1 and they give away 1). Quite an advocacy, right? Awesome!







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