ENTERTAINMENT: Will There Be a ‘Train to Busan 2’?

Korean Zombie Thriller "Train to Busan" Looks Promising!

Looks like there is.

(Behind the scenes of Train to Busan)

Korean actor Gong Yoo, who played the lead character Suk Woo on “Train to Busan”, confirmed a sequel via Twitter.

However other details about a possible “Train to Busan 2” were not revealed.

Gong Yoo may have showed interest in “Train to Busan 2” but Director Yeon Sang Ho might have a different thing in mind.

Gong Yoo said via allkpop.com, “I told director Yeon Sang Ho that my character Suk Woo is probably living somewhere as a zombie but then the director told me that Suk Woo already died by breaking his neck when he jumped off the train.”

Yet, the upcoming sequel might still be about the zombie’s perspective.

The actor added, “So then I recommended that the sequel is made from Ma Dong Seok’s point of view since Ma Dong Seok’s character is alive as a zombie.”

There are rumors that Ma Dong Seok might reprise his role but as a zombie. Moreover, Descendants of the Sun actor Song Joong Ki might be added in the mix.

There are no confirmations yet so we just have to wait and see for more updates in the future.

What do you think “Train to Busan 2” be about? Who are the actors you want to see on the sequel?

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