[ENTERTAINMENT] Ube’s SAYANG Music Video and Single Launch


Ever wanted something so bad but you just can’t have it for some reason?

Sayang, right? Yep, UBE gets you. They even understand it enough to put it in a song and a video. Directed by Shane Marante and Franco Salazar with Medicate Media, the music video for ‘Sayang’ is sure to give you extra feels.

“We chose that song as a group because I think we all agreed that it had a catchy tune,” explained Mike who plays guitar and is the lead vocalist of the band. “I remember na alanganin ako sa song na yun before kasi parang may katunog siya na kanta pero the more I listened to it, the more na nawala yung alinlangan and comparison.”

Set at Smokes in Kapitolyo, a resto-bar that also doubles as the band’s second home and “natural habitat,” the music video promises to tell the story of how regret is inevitable when something is unrequited. At the same time, it aims to introduce UBE both as a band as individuals.

“What I thought of was to show the personality of the band and its members [especially] since [this is their] debut music video,” shared the music video director Shane Marante, who wanted to shoot a video where UBE would act as natural as possible.

UBE recently won the Yellow Room Battle of the Band 2017 Grand Champion. They are also one of the semi-finalists of Jack Daniel’s Future Legends.