ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Train to Busan’s’ Gong Yoo Asks ‘What Is Papi?’

Korean Zombie Thriller "Train to Busan" Looks Promising!

“Train to Busan” is such a big hit in the Philippines.

(Check out this article about the behind the scenes of Train to Busan.)

Even if I don’t like zombie films, I honestly enjoyed watching this. If you haven’t seen it yet, I think it is still showing on some cinemas so go watch it!

One of the film’s main characters, Gong Yoo, has taken the hearts of many Filipino fans.

On Twitter, fans have possibly been showing him affection and sending him tweets. He posted about reading the messages but he is curious to what “papi” means.

Well, “papi” is something like “daddy”. It can be a term of endearment or can be more than that *wink wink*.

Were you one of those who called Gong Yoo “papi”? LOL.