ENTERTAINMENT: The Sexbomb Dancers Have a Quick Reunion

The year 2017 is shaping up to becoming the year of returns and reunions.

Aside from foreign movie remakes and old groups coming together to catch up with one another, perform, or to have a reunion concert, this is also happening in the Philippines.

On Twitter, Rochelle Pangilinan posted a group photo of the defunct Sexbomb Dancers.

For those who aren’t familiar, the Sexbomb Dancers is an all-girl dance and singing group that used to be a mainstay on the longest running variety show, Eat Bulaga!

Rochelle used to play the lead in the group.

The Sexbomb Dancers popularized the chant, “Get! Get! Aw!”

Back then, the group can also be watched on the drama series Daisy Siete.

Hence, some of the comments on Rochelle’s post were about the drama show.

Others tried to recall the hits made by the group like Spaghetti and Halukay Ube.

It was nice to see the group together again. LOL.

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