ENTERTAINMENT: ‘The Mountain’ From ‘Game of Thrones’ to Join ‘Encantadia 2016’

Conan Stevens, who played Sir Gregor Clegane or “The Mountain” on the hit TV series “Game of Thrones”, is confirmed to be joining the cast of GMA Network’s “fantaserye” (an amalgamation of the words fantasy and “serye” or series) reboot of “Encantadia”.

This was confirmed on GMA Network’s “24 Oras” report from Nelson Canlas. However, Stevens said that he cannot discuss what his role on the show will be.

Still, Stevens said, “I can’t talk about it but I can say that I tend get typecasted. So you can probably expect more of the same. Big, imposing, I tend to get those roles.”

Last June, Stevens visited the “Encantadia” set and had a photo-op with actor Rocco Nacino and director Mark Reyes. Nacino posted the photo on his Instagram account.

What do you think of “The Mountain” joining “Encantadia 2016”?

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