ENTERTAINMENT: Scarlet Snow Belo Poses As The Future “Miss Philippines”

Scarlet Snow Belo, the adorable daughter of celebrity dermatologist, Vicki Belo, poses on her Instagram account as “Miss Philippines.”

A photo posted by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

The photo was shared on her Instagram account with the caption:

I’m getting ready for the best in National Costume competition. Please vote for Ms. Philippines, Ate @maxine_medina, ok! Thank you Auntie @cor_sunglao_designs for my beautiful Filipiniana. ????: @elvinvivas #MsUniverse2017 #BeloUniverse #TeamSnowyBear

As you can see, she has the moves and smiles to be our future Miss Universe or Miss Philippines. Scarlet was wearing a beautiful pink floral Filipiniana.

Clearly, this kid will represent the country someday.

How do you like her dress? Isn’t she lovely?