ENTERTAINMENT: ‘Raven’s Home’ Theme Song released!

We absolutely can’t wait to see our favorite psychic back on screen! Just recently the official Raven’s Home Twitter account finally released a preview of the show’s theme song.

The new Disney series is set to premiere this month, where Raven Baxter is now a divorced mother of two, with one of them being able to predict the future too, just like their mama!

Annaliese Van der Pol will be joining Raven in the spinoff who will be reprising her role as Chelsea.

The entire cast performed the song, which was reported to be written and produced by Andy Love, Joacim Persson and Johan Alkenäs, according to E! News.

Is it just us, or did you notice how the cast threw themselves back on the couch as the opening theme song closes? Because that’s what we remember with That’s So Raven’s opening theme song, too, except in the Baxter household!

Major nostalgia is hitting us right now, so we can’t wait to see the fun and humor Raven will be showing us again in her new show!

Are you excited for this? Because WE are!


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