ENTERTAINMENT: Nicollette Sheridan becomes a series regular for the second season of Dynasty!

Alexis Carrington’s bound to make more noise for the second season of the reboot of the 1981 tv series, “Dynasty” – as much as the Carringtons want to get rid of her, looks like she’s bound to stick around for a longer time.

Nicollette Sheridan, who plays the estranged wife of billionaire tycoon Blake Carrington, will make her presence more known to the audiences and fans of Dynasty, that previously ended its first season last week.

The actress made her debut midway through the first season.

“She is a force to be reckoned with,” Sheridan tells TVLine.  “Dear God, nobody’s safe! She annihilates common boundaries of decency to obtain what she needs. She’s this matriarch of a family that’s cutthroat, crippling and riddled with dirty politics. It’s great television.”

Sheridan tells Entertainment Weekly that she has “always been attracted to playing the naughty girl”.

” [And] for some reason, my audience loves seeing me in that role. It’s challenging to make that person likable, and I get to do it again [with Alexis].”

No official statement has been released by The CW when Season 2 will come out, but whenever that will be, we know Alexis will be up to create more chaos and headaches for the Carringtons.

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