ENTERTAINMENT: Nicki Minaj Might Be Paying For Some Of Her Fans’ Tuition!

Now we’ve definitely seen the extent of social media–Twitter, particularly. Apparently, it can be an avenue for your college debts to be paid with the help of certain celebrities, ie. Nicki Minaj. At least, this is what it looks like on her Twitter account.

It all started when she started a contest where she’ll be flying out fans to Las Vegas for a show. While she was announcing that fans from all countries were qualified (because that’s just how rich she is), a fan replied saying that maybe she’d like to pay for her tuition instead.

Nicki Minaj then replied, asking to see excellent and verified grades, and then agreeing to pay for it.


At that, all of Twitter scrambled to join this new “contest” by Nicki. The singer has replied to more than 20 fans asking for help in paying for tuition and student loans.

nicki minaj twitter tuition

Nicki has been quick to answer, too! There were no more negotiations, judging by her tweets. As long as they had good grades, it was pretty much a done deal.

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Although we still have no official news on how much Nicki has paid for these fans’ academic needs, we see that the conversations ended with Nicki asking for more information.

The singer then finally ended the whole uproar with a tweet saying she’ll pay for the lucky fans and then hinted that it might happen again soon.

People were amazed with Nicki’s generosity and applauded her for it. Have you ever seen a celebrity casually just agree to pay her fans’ tuition and student loans–and on Twitter, for that matter? Yep, didn’t think so. There’s definitely more to her than what we see on TV.

Nicki Minaj is indeed queen!

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