ENTERTAINMENT: Nadine Lustre Shows Off Her Dancing Skills

Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre was recently hailed as the sexiest woman on the FHM Philippines’ poll.

Nadine Lustre proved to the public that she did deserve the title with her latest dance cover of the White Shirt Dance.

See the video below.


Some netizens didn’t really affirm Lustre’s win against Kim Domingo but the management of the said magazine voiced out their statement on their social media to address the raging opinions of the internet community.

“Nadine Lustre’s ascension to the Throne of Sexy comes as no surprise—not only does she have the most loyal fans, she also has the glowing assets to show for it.”

What do you think of her statement? Do you agree her being the FHM Sexiest Woman? Let us know by commenting below!