ENTERTAINMENT: Morissette Teams Up With Michael Bolton On Talent-Show Hosting

Pinoy talent has always been worthy of international recognition.

One of the latest Filipino talents to prove this is singer Morissette Amon.

Morissette has been known for belting out high notes on stage and acting on screen for a few projects. Soon, she’s going to be taking on hosting as her next career move.

The Filipina singer has been chosen to host the new Asian talent competition “Bolt of Talent” with Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton himself!

Morissette shared the news on her Instagram:


The photo shows Morissette and Michael in Luneta for their first shooting day. The singer thanks the show’s producers for the incredible opportunity given to her.

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This also means that Michael Bolton, the musical genius behind Go The DistanceWhen A Man Loves A Woman, and How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (among others), is in the Philippines!!!

Bolt of Talent is going to follow Michael Bolton’s search for great talents around Asia who will get the chance to join him on his world tour.

I’m excited to see our very own Morissette hosting side by side with a legendary music artist. You go, girl! Congratulations!

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