ENTERTAINMENT: Moonstar88 to turn into ‘metal band’ and write ‘Torete nang ina mo!’

Moonstar88 is a Filipino band formed in 1999. Hence, this year, they are celebrating 19 years of rocking existence. In line with this, the band made a post about them planning to turn into a “metal band.”

Funnily, they also said that they will create a song Torete nang ina mo, a play on words on their hit single, Torete.


They also rewrote lyrics for Migraine, which they called Migraine R18 version.

How about a “metal version” of Sulat?

And changing their name to Moonstar666? Bet?

Then asking to be included in the Rakrakan Festival.

Torete nang ina mo would be cool, right?

Wonder what they plan to do next year when they turn 20…

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