ENTERTAINMENT: Model and actress Cara Delevingne shaves her head!

Cara Delevinge has been turning heads for some time because of her beauty on the ramp (she was a former Victoria’s Secret Angel)  and on screen (she is known to co-star with Nat Wolff in Paper Towns last 2015). Most recently, she has been turning more heads because of her shocking new ‘do.

According to  Daily Mail, she “is currently filming a Life in a Year alongside Jaden Smith, which sees her play a dying teenager”.

Paparaazzi snapped photos of the 24-year-old actress as she “arrived on set in Toronto” with a shaved head.

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According to Daily UK, she mentioned to USA Today that she “has to shave my head for my next part, so I have to do something different.” By the looks of the it, the photos reveal Cara in a yellow thin gown that could actually also be a hospital gown – just fitting for the role she was bound to play in Life in a Year.

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Directed by Mitja Okorn with a screenplay written by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews, the movie stars 17-year-old Daryn (played by Jaden Smith) who finds out his girlfriend (played by Cara Delevigne) is dying. With the latter having one year left to live, he maximizes much what he can give to her, given with the limited time left. The film is set to be released on 2018.

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