ENTERTAINMENT: Kylie Jenner Crashed A High School Prom Because Why Not?

While most of us here in the Philippines are ~enjoying~ the summer heat and enjoying time off school after graduations and ceremonies, kids from the other side of the world are still in prom season.

I’m sure we can all agree that our high school proms were some of the most memorable nights of our student lives–because when else could we have a night of dancing and expensive meals in a room full of teenagers?

Apparently, for some, prom could be even more memorable for other reasons–just like a certain high school prom in California.

Hollywood celebrity Kylie Jenner actually attended the event when a random guy asked her to be his date! Crazy, right?

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The night turned into a greater frenzy when the star arrived.

Kylie went as the date of student Albert Ochoa, who has become quite the legend at his school.

After he got rejected by another student, he reached out to the 19-year old celebrity. And Kylie actually accepted!

That’s quite the comeback.


Kylie has apparently been wanting to attend a high school prom since she wasn’t able to go to one of her own.

It seems like it was a win-win situation!

Could you imagine seeing a Hollywood celebrity at your high school prom? Imagine having a celebrity as your date, too!

I guess high school really can make dreams come true.

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