ENTERTAINMENT: Kanye West’s Birthday Gift to Kim Kardashian Gives All the Feels

Kanye West just set the bar high when it comes to giving gifts to significant others.

However, unlike what most expect that this will be an expensive, material gift, it is way more than that.

Yet, it is a gift that will give you all the feels and may leave you in tears.

With Kim Kardashian celebrating her 36th birthday on October 31, Kanye gave her one of the most memorable gifts ever.

It is a five-minute, heart-warming video that Kanye posted via Twitter.


The video has Kanye’s “Only One” song in the background. It showed the Kardashian family living and loving way before they became a household name. At some point in the video, you can hear Kim’s father, Rob, say, “Kimberly, follow your honest beliefs and stay strong.”

At the end of the video, a 12-year-old Kim takes a video of her father who tells her “I love you” as those same three little words appear onscreen.

What do you think of Kanye’s birthday gift to Kim?

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