ENTERTAINMENT: James Reid To Play The Role Of The New Pedro Penduko

It seems that original Pinoy superheroes are about to make a comeback in the next coming years. First, it was Darna, who’s going to be played by Liza Soberano in the newest movie adaptation set to premiere this year.

Now, Pedro Penduko is also set to have an entirely reimagined remake film! And who’s going to play the Pinoy superhero? It was just announced on the first day of this year’s History Con that James Reid has been cast as the newest Pedro Penduko.


Pedro Penduko, which started out as a Pinoy comic book character created by Francisco Coching, is your average Filipino guy who fights off evil beings with the help of a magic amulet.

How would a half-Australian actor play an average Filipino with magical powers? Regene Estolatan, the writer of the reimagined film adaptation, will be adding a modern twist to the dated character.

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The new “Pedro Penduko” will reportedly now be the story of Peter Harris, a Filipino who grew up in the States his whole life who now must go back to the Philippines to look for his estranged mother and discovers dark secrets about his family and its connections with supernatural forces.

Sounds exciting!

There’s no set date for the film’s release yet, but reports say that filming for the film has already started.

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