ENTERTAINMENT: Jackie Chan Tribute Gives All the Feels

Jackie Chan is the most inventive and looked up to martial artist and actor. With his over 200 movies, he has created a legacy that will live on forever. As he celebrates 57 years in the business, Chan met with his team of stunt from the past up to the present.

The meeting was an emotional one and it turned out to be a tribute to Chan.

Watch it below. Try not to cry while watching it.

On the video, one said, “We all have this spirit—if the stunt doesn’t kill us, we carry on. Even until now.”

Another one said, “It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you are not benevolent towards your brothers, Jackie would not let you join the team.”

Chan said, “t has been a challenging forty years. Many things are dispensable to me. My company has folded before, but the JC Stunt Team has persevered until the end. There was a period when operation was immensely difficult, but today, we are on our eight generation.”

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