ENTERTAINMENT: Iza Calzado Doesn’t See Herself as “Darna”

Iza Calzado

The actress playing the role of Darna is yet to be revealed.

After news broke that Angel Locsin can no longer play the role, speculations who will play it next rose.

For one, Iza Calzado’s name came up, but the Bliss actress said she doesn’t see herself playing Darna even if many fans are suggesting that she could be a good fit. She’ll be happy though whoever gets the role.

At a press con, Iza said, “Did you not watch my interviews before? So I was asked to be Darna even before Angel was asked. Let’s not forget that I have lost a hundred pounds.”

In 2014, Iza went on a cosmetic surgery to lose weight for Darna. However, Angel got the role.

She added, “My body is not a conventional body. I’m not going to say it’s not nice because I will fight for this, I’ve worked hard for this. Since it’s mine, I love it! It’s a bit of effort to love it but I love it nonetheless. Alam mo iyon (You know), it’s not perfect. And Darna has to be perfect. She has to be like an Angel Locsin, and Anjanette Abayari and I cannot and will not be able to give that.”

“So let us not compromise naman what Darna is supposed to be wearing, that [red two-piece outfit], doing all the scenes, kicking and whatever. It’s not for me. It never was. There are other things for me and I’ve accepted that. It hurt in the beginning but then I was much younger. But now, no, I know it’s not for me and I would be so happy for the person who will land the role of Darna. But rest assured that it is not me,” she elaborated.

Another actress who is rumored to be the next Darna is Liza Soberano. What do you think of this?