ENTERTAINMENT: Isabelle Daza and “World’s Hottest Math Teacher” Plays “Bato-Bato Strip”

So lucky!

Watch how Isabelle Daza and “world’s hottest Math teacher” Pietro Bosieli played a teasing game of “bato-bato strip”.

The rules are pretty straightforward, just like “bato-bato pick” but with a little fun twist. When one loses, he or she should take off a piece of clothing.

Watch who loses the most clothes. LOL.

The game looked teasingly friendly.

Do bear in mind that Isabelle is married Adrien Semblat.

Pietro is in the country to promote a clothing brand. He recently posted on IG that he wants to meet Ellen Adarna.

Ellen, how to be you po?

We’d love Pietro and Ellen to play a round of this game. LOL.

What do you think?

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