ENTERTAINMENT: Is This a Hint to ‘One More Chance’ Part 3?

We’ve felt all the feels and still remember all the “hugot” from “One More Chance”.

We were happy that Popoy and Basha got hitched but still cried a little bit to “A Second Chance”.

Now, we might need to prepare tissues again because ninjas cutting onions are rumored to be coming back.


But going viral on social media is what seems to be a hint to “One More Chance” Part 3.

Some netizens say it might be called “Last Chance”.

Posted on A Second Chance Community Page is this photo with caption “PART 3 SOON”:

Last Chance

Although the photo looks like it was taken from “A Second Chance” (the scene after the wedding where Basha was using a Polaroid-like camera to take pictures with Popoy), it’s interesting to know if there is another movie brewing about Popoy and Basha.

Or does the photo mean something else? Something more like in real life?

What do you think? We’re excited whatever this means so let’s wait and see if there’s any revelation soon.

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