ENTERTAINMENT: Goat becomes part of idol group

When it comes to stuff being weird, you can count on Japan to do that.

It seems that when it comes to Japanese idol groups, anything can happen. For instance, in this idol group, their new member is a goat.

Yeah, you heard that right.

*ChocoLate Bomb!, an idol group managed by Johnny’s Entertainment, announced that their new and limited-time member Shiropen is a goat. Shiropen will be included on their upcoming single “LOVE ME DO ~Doko ni mo Iccha Dame~”, which will be out on June 24.


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【?重大発表?】 この度ミニヤギのしろぺんが人気アイドルグループ *ChocoLate Bomb!! の新メェンバーとして、期間限定でアイドルデビューさせて頂く事になりました! 6/24(月)発売 7thシングル”LOVE ME DO ~どこにも行っちゃだメェ~”での加入を筆頭に、コンサートや握手会(!?)など多数参加予定! 前代未聞”会いに行けるヤギドル”の活躍に乞うご期待♪?? #chocolatebomb #ちょこぼ #アイドル #握手会 #コスプレ #cosplay #talent #model #event #concert #ミニヤギ #しろぺん #ふわもこ部 #pet #petstagram #goatstagram #goatselfie #ペット #animal #zoo #動物 #farm #牧場 #cutepet #kawaii #山羊 #ヤギ #やぎ #goat #japan??

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Rough translation of caption:

[? ? critical announcement こ の]
As a new member of popular idol group * ChocoLate Bomb !!, mini goat’s Shiropen will be allowed to make an idol debut for a limited time!

6/24 (Mon) Released 7th single “LOVE ME DO-Go to Everywhere Mee-” Joined at the head of a concert and handshake meeting (!?) Many plans to participate!

Stay tuned to the success of “Yagidoru to go to meet” unprecedented ?? ♪

Shiropen’s contribution is his own billy-goat voice accent. If you’re curious about his sound and want to hear it then you’ll have to attend *ChocoLate Bomb!’s show or go to their online shop. Unfortunately, the single won’t be released in all stores in Japan or outside of it.

Shiropen is from Tokyo’s Shitamachi area. Prior to this, he is already kinda famous. His rise to stardom began when his owner took pictures of him wearing costumes and in cosplay and uploaded them to Instagram (@mitarou3). Since then, he’s made numerous appearances on Japanese television and is known nationwide as Japan’s “ikemen” mini goat.

There is no information on how long Shiropen will be part of the idol group. Still, you can keep an eye out for updates about him on Twitter (@shiropen).

Is this weird or what?