ENTERTAINMENT: Ed Sheeran Quits Twitter Because Of Internet Trolls

Looks like the internet trolls have done it.

Ed Sheeran, one of the biggest music artists in the world, confirmed with The Sun that he has indeed said goodbye to his Twitter account.

The English singer says that he quit this particular social media account because of all the negative comments that he reads about himself.

Ed Sheeran

“There’s nothing but people mean things,” he says, adding that reading one mean tweet can completely ruin his day.

He even mentioned how Lady Gaga fans started sending him hate tweets after they read an interview in which they assumed that he was talking about Gaga. But the pop star was quick to defend Ed in an Instagram post.

You may have seen Ed’s Twitter still active at the moment, but he clarified that he won’t be the one using it. His Instagram account is linked to his Twitter and automatically posts for him, but that’s as pretty much it for his Twitter activity.

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While we’re going to be missing Ed’s random musings on Twitter, we totally understand. Sometimes you just gotta cut off all the negativity in your life. We support you, Ed!

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