ENTERTAINMENT: Ed Sheeran Actually Lived On Jamie Foxx’s Couch Before He Was Famous

Ed Sheeran is one of the most famous music artists in the whole world right now. And at the rate he’s going, what with all the world touring and stuff, we can probably have anything he wants at the snap of his fingers.

But like every great person, he started out from the bottom–from literally having no home to go to.

It was Jamie Foxx that revealed this point of Ed Sheeran’s life to the public when he was on The Graham Norton Show last week.

Jamie just casually told Graham Norton how Ed Sheeran lived on his couch for a few weeks before he was famous.

He told the story of how Ed came by to Jamie’s radio show in hopes of making it big in the industry. Jamie invited Ed to stay with him since he knew that he had nowhere else to go.

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Jamie also hilariously recounted how he brought Ed to his weekly gig where the performers were almost all, in Jamie’s words, black. And Ed Sheeran “popped out” on stage with his red hair and a ukelele, getting a 12-minute standing ovation from the audience after his performance.

“The rest was history,” Jamie says.

Imagine having the next greatest music star sleeping on your couch! This is probably one of the best origin stories I’ve ever heard.

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