ENTERTAINMENT: Bato Dela Rosa Meets Coco Martin

These photos graced our Facebook news feed last night and it shows Bato Dela Rosa talking to Coco Martin. Looks like someone’s a big fan of Ang Probinsyano!

bato probinsyano

The show’s  Facebook page posted a series of photos yesterday, showing PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa‘s meeting with Coco Martin who plays Cardo in the hit teleserye.

bato probinsyano

Ang Probinsyano is known for showing a variety of heavy crimes that occur here. Bato Dela Rosa said that he watched the show a lot and he praised the team for a job well done in portraying the police force of the Philippines.

Still, other than the praises during their meeting, we couldn’t help but wonder, just a tad bit, if there’s something more to it.

bato probinsyano

Will he be acting in it? Surely we’ve all seen GIFs and clips as the one above, so… could it be that his entertaining side will surface on TV even more? Just a little wishful thinking here. Lol.

bato probinsyano

Nonetheless, check out that photo above! Their encounter seemed to have gone really well. Lovely smiles right there, sir Bato Dela Rosa and Coco Martin!

What do you think about this meeting?


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