ENTERTAINMENT: Adele to Sing at Upcoming Grammys

Adele let her son wear anna frozen costume

The stage is set for Adele’s return at the Grammys.

After last year’s mishap where a microphone fell on the strings of the piano as she sang “All I Ask” and her voice slight drifted out of tune, Adele will return and perform a song at the televised February 12 gala in Los Angeles.

Adele turn the incident around, making it funny as she posted a tweet saying that she moped enjoying a burger from California’s In-N-Out restaurant.

Adele is a highly acclaimed singer, winning 10 Grammys already.

This year, she is nominated for 10 more Grammys. However, Beyonce is still in the lead when it comes to overall nominations.

Stoked to see Adele perform on the Grammys again!