ENTERTAINMENT: A BTS Look on Hugh Jackman Recording for “Logan”

Have you seen actors and actresses record for their movies?

If not, here’s a sneak peek of Hugh Jackman recording a scene for his final Wolverine movie, “Logan.”

On the clip, you can see Jackman all hyped up, running and punching the air to be truly in character and capture the right voice for the recording.

It looks as if he is playing the role again only now his voice is being recorded to match the scene.

Watch it below.

The video has been viewed more than 24 million times, has over 860K reactions, and close to 300K shares.

Jackman confirmed that “Logan” is his last Wolverine movie. For him, it’s time to say goodbye to Wolverine. He posted a video of himself on the last day of playing his career-defining role. “This is the last day of reshoots on Logan,” Jackman says in the video.

What do you think of this? Who do you think will be the next Wolverine?

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