Enjoy a Relaxing Spa Break for Couples This February

For a day that’s supposed to be about love, Valentine’s Day can be stressful. A lot of planning goes into buying gifts and booking restaurants, and making the wrong choices can ruin a good time.

An excellent option for countering a stress-ridden Valentine’s Day is a few hours of blissful pampering at Aramesh Wellness, a highly reviewed spa owned by Fil-Persians Dr. Far Shamsi and Dr. Shideh Nikbin.

This Persian-themed spa in Makati is offering Valentine’s Day packages this February. The premiere package (P2,800) covers a one-hour Swedish massage and a foot spa for two. The VIP package (P5,500), on the other hand, includes a one-hour facial in addition to the Swedish massage and foot spa in a private room.

Aramesh Wellness 1

Aramesh Wellness is tucked behind an unassuming door on the sixth floor of Heart Tower along Valero Street. You’ll know immediately that you’ve found the right place upon entering.

The spa features an entirely Persian design from the softly-lit arched walls, Persian artwork, and intricately-patterned carpets and throw pillows on the couch.

You will be asked to fill out a form (an unsexy first step that is crucial to your enjoyment), which asks you about your medical history, body parts you’d like the masseuse to focus on, and whether you’d like the massage to be soft, medium, or hard.


Aramesh Wellness 2Accents that make the spa extra cozy

You get to select from four types of organic massage oils with lavender, orange, lemongrass and jasmine scents. Once you’ve made your pick, you’re taken to the massage area to get ready.

Aramesh Wellness 4The massage area for the premiere package (P2,800 instead of P3,500). Includes a one-hour Swedish massage and foot spa for two.

Aramesh Wellness 6The VIP room package at P5,500 (Previously P6,900). Includes a facial, foot spa and massage for two. 

The massage beds are separated by heavy curtains, which are thick enough that you wouldn’t worry about them being accidentally pulled. For couples, the curtains are parted to join two beds in one space.

The pre-massage begins with a foot soak in warm water to clean and soften the feet. A few minutes later, the massage begins.

Aramesh Wellness 7A cozy lounge area in the VIP room

Massages are generally subjective, but the one-hour Swedish massage is so relaxing it’s more likely you’ll fall asleep instead of making googly eyes with your lover across the other bed.

While Aramesh is known for its massages, the facials are worth trying as well. The hour-long facial uses Babor skincare products exclusively, and includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, extraction and mask application.

Near the end of the session, there is an added procedure of closing the pores to reduce redness and prevent bacterial growth.

Post-treatment, you are provided one last nice touch in the form of hot tea, served in beautiful glass tea cups with engraved metal handles.

Aramesh Wellness 8

The verdict

Aramesh Wellness Spa continues to live up to its consistently-good reviews, due to their ability to make guests feel extremely comfortable and their painstaking attention to detail.

The masseuses are warm but will generally give you space (unless you initiate conversation). The temperature in the room is just right neither too warm nor too cold so you’re comfortable throughout the procedure. The music completes the calming experience: ambient music playing quietly in the background to lull you to sleep and give you and your partner a tranquil escape from a busy and mundane week.


Aramesh Wellness

Unit 601, 6th Flr Heart Tower Bldg., 108 Valero Rd. Salcedo Village, Makati

09175092010 / 09178207827

Website: https://www.arameshwellness.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArameshSpaMakati