Enjoy Pinoy Dishes in New Ways at This Resto in La Union

When traveling around the Philippines, one must not forget that aside from enjoying the visual feast that is the picturesque landscape the actual food and Pinoy cuisine must be experienced to the full.

The surf town of San Juan, La Union is now filled to the brim with all types of restaurants and eateries—from Instagrammable restaurants of international cuisine to small beachfront spots with a more focused menu. With the wide variety of food choices, it can be a bit difficult to pick one, so here’s a suggestion.

Lihim ni G is a no-frills restaurant in San Juan, La Union that focuses more on the quality of their dishes and what new things they can offer on their menu.

This foodie spot offers more of Filipino dishes, but not just your usuals. Lihim ni G serves classics with a twist. Their chef came from a sister restaurant in Baguio City known also for their unique Pinoy menu.

Here are some of their bestsellers that you should try:

Aligue Pasta

This seafood pasta mixed with crab fat is definitely at the top of the list. If you’re ready to indulge yourself, this pasta dish with a slight kick is a must-try.

Black Curry Chicken

It may not look like your usual curry dish, but I can assure you that it’s worth a try. The flavor just oozes from the juicy chicken. It’s not just black curry sauce poured over a piece of chicken. It’s actually carefully and meticulously prepared so that each bite is with curry goodness.

BLT Burger

This big burger is extremely filling. The beef patty is massive and juicy. There’s bacon on it along with veggies, and a delicious sauce that adds to the burger’s already flawless flavor.

The food-venture doesn’t even end there. Their dessert options are just as unique!

The Gabi Ice Cream is one of the things you’ve got to try. The ice cream is super creamy, and the gabi flavor is just right—it’s not too overpowering, and it’s not too sweet. It also comes with a serving of black boba pearls!

For holiday goodness all year round, try the Puto Bumbong Cheesecake Pudding. It’s a lot of delicious desserts rolled into one beautiful new thing.

If you’re not into exploring new stuff, their roasted chicken and ribs are also amazingly delicious. (PS. They also offer unlimited samgyupsal for only PHP 349!)

And because a food coma is inevitable because of their huge servings, you can just book a room in Planet G’s hotel right above the restaurant.

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What’s truly remarkable about Lihim ni G is that their menu offers a lot of food items that are truly unique and original. It really is a not-so-hidden gem of a food spot that lets the dishes do the talking for them. Plus, it’s super accessible—right by the National Highway.

For a quality food experience that will take your tastebuds on a tasty adventure, visit Lihim ni G in San Juan, La Union!

Lihim ni G

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