Enjoy Delicious Filipino Cooking at Rudy’s Country Chef

I’ve always liked hanging out with my friends at food parks. What’s not to like? Good food, good company and good ambiance. But I have to admit, whenever I eat out and hang out with my friends, we always get hamburgers, nachos, pizza and such. So it was a pleasant surprise when me and my fellow When in Manila interns ate at Rudy’s Country Chef at Foodtrip Marikina as we tried their Filipino country cooking.

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They only just recently opened, last December 8, 2016. Rudy’s Country Chef serves Filipino food with their own twist. This was a change from what I usually get at food parks, but I was intrigued. The food they serve, I found out, are originally and uniquely theirs. Did I mention their food are made from scratch? They don’t use any preservatives or artificial flavors. You fully get the 100% Rudy’s Country Chef experience when you eat here.

Spicy Pusit


I like deep fried squid, so this one is a personal favorite. Even when it got cold, it didn’t get chewy. It still got that crispiness in it.

Binagoongang Sili


I’m not a fan of spicy foods but I liked their Binagoongang Sili for the reason that, despite the spiciness, there’s a certain meatiness to this treat.

Nilasing na Kuaket


This treat certainly adds a crunch to your dining experience. Just like the Spicy Pusit, it was still crispy even when it got cold!

Tiim na Manok


The chicken is slow cooked and takes four hours to prepare. Because of this, you are guaranteed meat that is so tender. And full of flavors, too, which you will immediately savor as you take that first bite.

Lechon Manok


This is no ordinary Lechon Manok. What sets Rudy’s Lechon Manok apart is their special rice stuffing. The chicken is cooked for two hours, adding that special taste in your food.

For dessert, on the other hand, Rudy’s Country Chef offers two specials: Bibingka Galapong and Food for the Gods.

Bibingka Galapong


Their Bibingka Galapong is to die for. One serving equals three pieces. Their bibingka is so soft, it feels like it could melt in your mouth!

Food for the Gods


The Food for the Gods, or Date Bar, was sweet, but not too sweet.

While we were eating, we learned that the Bibingka Galapong and Food for the Gods are being ordered abroad. Rudy’s Country Chef ship these delicacies to the States!

You can check out their other specialties here:


Rudy’s Country Chef originally opened in 1969 but closed down in 1987. The family decided to revive it. Their menu is still evolving, currently adding some recipes in the menu. You can visit their food stall in Foodtrip Marikina and try their delicious Filipino country foods as you hangout with your friends and bond with your family. You’ll surely come back for more.

Rudy’s Country Chef

Located in Foodtrip Marikina: #9 Guerilla Street corner Gil Fernando Ave., Marikina City
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RudysCountryChef/
Instagram: @rudyscountrychef