Enjoy After Hours’ Double Chocolate Crinkles Any Time of the Day

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Midnight cravings. I get those every night. When the clock strikes 12 (sometimes at 11, 10, or 9:38PM), I would take a long, romantic walk to the fridge and see what I can munch on. That’s also the case with the bakers behind the new online bakery, After Hours. Except for them, they bake pastries and snacks after hours.

The business is run by Raya Albarece, Kim Bringas, and Kevin Bringas, a trio of cousins who gave birth to their quarantine baby just last September. According to a quick bedtime story shared on their Instagram, “I like baking at midnight, doesn’t matter if I’m sad or happy, angry or hungry, inspired or bored, anxious or simply because everyone’s asleep and I feel like doing something productive.”

In short, they bake after normal people-hours. Don’t worry, though. Orders are always freshly-baked.

So even if they’re called After Hours, they can be enjoyed any time of the day. And boy, we did just that. We didn’t even bother waiting for the clock to strike 12.

Double Chocolate Crinkles

Photo from After Hours

Our favorite is the Double Chocolate Crinkles. Instead of just offering classic crinkle cookies, After Hours made it even fudgier by adding a gooey chocolate center from Auro, an “internationally awarded Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company.” You can choose between the 42% Milk Chocolate or the 64% Dark Chocolate. Either way, it’s hard to go back to classic crinkles after trying After Hours’ version.

Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie

We also enjoyed the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie, which also upgrades the version we’re used to. This cookie is soft, chewy, and buttery, and comes with a big chocolate chunk that melts nicely when heated. The dark chocolate from Auro blends well with the cookie, and gives a warm and comforting feeling. Best enjoyed with milk and a good movie!

Banana Walnut Bread

The Banana Walnut Bread is pillowy-soft, bouncy, and dense. The banana flavor is prominent here, which will be a win for those who think other versions are too sweet. We loved the generous serving of walnuts on top, adding a crunchy texture that went well with the bread. The addition of cinnamon sugar is surprising yet very welcome. After Hours recommends trying it with Nutella, which we’ll do soon.

It comes as no surprise that After Hours’ products are of professional quality. Kim is a Hotel and Restaurant Management (HRM) student and took additional culinary lessons at the International School for Culinary Arts and Hotel Management International (ISCAHM). Meanwhile, Kevin works for a popular dining spot in Timog. Alabarece, a communications professional, handles social media, creatives, and the best job in the team: taste testing.

It’s easy to order from After Hours. Simply visit their Facebook or Instagram page and DM them with an order form (the format is on their Instagram page). Pickups are available every day through the booking app of the customer’s choice. They accept payments via BPI QR code, Unionbank Online, or cash on delivery via the pabili service from booking apps.

After Hours

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bakedafterhoursPH/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bakedafterhours/

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