Enjoy a Safe and Less Crowded Flight with This Airline!

If you are thinking of traveling during the holidays, it may be a little scary. The holidays are known to be a time when everyone is out and about or even traveling. Now that more and more people are gaining confidence to travel, there might be an influx of airline passengers. Luckily, we found an airline that has fewer crowds and has all the safety protocols in place for your next adventure.

During the pandemic, we have been searching for a safer way to travel and we found out the safety protocols of AirSWIFT airlines. They regularly test their crew, sanitize the whole aircraft daily, don’t circulate cabin air, pumps fresh air in the cabin throughout the flight, have plastic barriers in between seats, and have low seating capacity.

We have been traveling for work during the pandemic and crowds are always expected from the airport to the airline and even to the place of destination. Since AirSWIFT has a low seating capacity, you can easily check-in at the airport without the long lines and unnecessary social interaction.

You are treated like royalty as you are welcomed by red carpets to board the bus and the aircraft.

Though AirSWIFT planes are smaller, the flight isn’t at all shaky. There was a smooth take-off and landing as well. Each crew member on board is also wearing PPE (protective suit, surgical mask, face shield, disposable gloves) to make sure that they and the rest of the flight are safe during service.

What we loved most about traveling with AirSWIFT is how each passenger or group are seated separately to make sure that everyone is socially distanced throughout the flight.

It is also the only airline we have tried that has barriers between seats for extra safety. High-touch surfaces are also cleaned before each flight with hospital-grade and aviation industry-recommended disinfectants. Deep cleaning is also done every 24hours.

AirSWIFT flies to and from Manila, Boracay, El Nido, and Cebu.





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