Preparing for College? Enderun Colleges Explains Why You Should Take the AP Capstone Diploma Program

As one of the three (3) schools in the Philippines that can offer students to graduate with an Advanced Placement (AP) Capstone diploma, Enderun Colleges Senior High School continues its objective to provide excellent enrichment opportunities in an interdisciplinary format.

AP Capstone is a two-year program of study that grants college-level classes to students in Grades 11 and 12. Students who are taking the course can earn a competitive advantage during their college application process where 85% of selective colleges and universities report that a student’s AP experience has a positive impact on admission decisions.

Enderun Colleges Senior High School

Approximately 18,175 schools globally offer AP courses in over 100 countries, and 2,046 offer the AP Capstone diploma program. In 2020, 1.21 million students took the AP exams worldwide. In the United States, the growth rate of students taking the AP course is at 43%.

The AP Capstone diploma program consists of 38 subjects. The exams take place in May with a grade scale between 1 and 5. Students who earn a score of 3 or higher will get credited at selected colleges or universities which increases their chances of completing a bachelor’s degree in 4 years or less.

Students who are homeschooled can also apply for the AP Capstone diploma program. Participating in the course challenges students to fulfill college coursework. While the program is more critical than the standard curriculum, most high schools consider a B in an AP course to be equal to an A in a standard course. According to Richard Galian, Enderun Colleges Senior High School Assistant Principal, “Admission officers look at various indicators on the application that show academic success, such as grades, overall GPA, and class rank. Colleges also like to see improvement over the years. If your child had trouble freshman year, but the college sees that they improved over [the] junior and senior year, that will enhance their application.”

In addition, Enderun Colleges Senior High School Principal Cherry May Tan explains, “There is a clear shift away from basing college and career acceptances on numerical values like GPA or SAT scores. Skills and dispositions such as critical and innovative thinking, collaboration, and risk-taking have gained importance as we sift into the fourth industrial revolution, with career paths and industries shifting unpredictably. Students will find these skills deeply embedded in the AP Capstone program as we prepare them for the future.”

Indeed, the AP Capstone diploma program not only saves the students’ time and money on their way to earning a college degree but also builds their confidence and skills in deepening their understanding of the subjects that interest them.

To learn more about Enderun Colleges’ Senior High School program, please visit this link.

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