Empowering The Digital World One Positive Image and Video at a Time

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Studies show that we consume fifteen hours of browsing content and reading articles online. That’s basically a lifestyle now. We grab our phones to either read emails or check on our News Feed as soon as we wake up, waiting in line, sitting in traffic, idle moments, on the toilet, and more! Now, don’t you ever wish that the contents we see online are quality and positive and not much of critics, gossip, or shame-provoking memes?

Sadly, our basic ethics in writing and etiquette in engagement are gone. In this day and age where people’s attention span is decreasing, the more we need to produce quality and positive content online.

Eco Hotel Philippines thought of a workshop to empower the nation called: Capture The Beauty in Everything. It encourages the Netizens to be more proactive in making the online world a safe and creative space for us and to the next generation.

The event is consist of two workshops: Mobile Photography by Vince Tanching and Vlogging Workshop by Azrael Coladilla of Azrael’s Merryland.

Vince Tanching has been shooting since 2009 and has dabbled in various photography genres — from portraits to sports photography. He ultimately settled and improved his craft on travel and landscape photography particularly in urbanscapes. Hence, his Instagram handle @theubranwanderer.

1 Vince Tanching

He used to be an online influencer for Huawei Philippines for the Huawei P9 Plus and Huawei P10 Plus. He is also an online influencer for Nikon Philippines. Furthermore, his work has been recognized locally and a few international outlets.

1 Azrael Coladilla

Azrael Coladilla, on the other hand, is everyone’s go-to blogger and media partner.

His humble beginnings will surely inspire you to become a renowned blogger someday. Started as an IT employee, he decided to focus on being a content creator a decade ago, and now enjoying the fruitful results of the virtual industry. Azrael was cited as one of the Most Influential Bloggers in 2009, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Optimism is infectious, and our goal is to change our participants’ perspective of our daily world. We believe that the only bad photo is the photo not taken. And as we capture the bold truth in the streets, we may find a positive spin to it as we share it on our social media accounts.

We plan to challenge our participants to photograph an ordinary object in a way that reveals its uniqueness. The venue, Spaces by Eco Hotel, is the perfect spot to capture gritty city life, and hopefully, transform the rawness of it into character.

Remember the saying if you have nothing good to say, then don’t say anything at all? Let’s try and apply this same principle when it comes to content. If you don’t have anything good to post, then don’t bother posting at all! The power is all at our fingertips, and we must wield it responsibly.

This event is co-presented by Oppo Philippines.

Don’t miss the chance to attend this greatly anticipated event. Mark your calendars now: 26th of June 2018, at Spaces by Eco Hotel, located along Rufino St. Legaspi Village, Makati (Mile Long, Creekside), 2 pm to 4 pm.

For more information, you may sign-up here: https://goo.gl/forms/4me5p6Zcsm8SEygQ2  or message us on Facebook (spacesbyecohotelph). See you there!